We have extensive experience providing qualitative research services. 

  • Researching - We specialize in creating recruiting lists that meet your specific project specifications.  KOLs and Industry Leaders and our specialty.  We have extensive experience identifying physicians, payers, medical professionals, and technology specialists.
  • Recruiting and Scheduling - Finding the right person is critical to successful qualitative research - and we'll work to find the best people for your project.  Whether it requires researching to find the right person, or sifting through a list you provide, we'll find the person who meets (or exceeds) your screening criteria.
  • Moderating - When you want to get to a final answer but the path can be varied, we're able to navigate the subject area to get the end result you're looking for.  We can help you design a research outline to hit on key areas and probe to get the important additional information the right respondent can provide.
  • Reporting - Wrapping it all up together can be a challenge, but that's where we excel.  We can provide reporting in any number of ways and will do what works best for you.



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