Dr. David L. Pick

Dr. David L. Pick is the founder, Director of Research and CEO of Pick Research Solutions, Inc.


Dr. Pick has been practicing in Pennsylvania since 1986.  He began his clinical practice in Indiana, PA in 1986 (where he met Tonya) and together they moved to State College, PA in 1988.  Dr. Pick has been providing active patient care continually.


The founding philosophies behind Pick Research Solutions, Inc. include:

  • Provide exceptional service to our Clients - at a fair and reasonable price.  Flexibility is the key to our success - we will do whatever it takes to complete your project on time and on budget.  We are available evenings and weekends to insure timely completion of recruiting and project details.

  • Provide a good research experience for respondents - respecting their expertise and providing reimbursement in a timely manner.  We are pleased to have developed a large opted-in panel and have many repeat participants.

  • Provide a supportive environment for team members.  When team members are supported and understand their value to the company, they provide better service to our Clients and are happier overall.

Dr. Pick is active in secondary research and evaluation of new products.  He oversees the overall research efforts and direction of the company.


Dr. Pick is a first degree black belt in the World Tang Soo Do Association, and a certified corner judge.


Dr. Pick is an active volunteer at the Centre County PAWS and has a knack for helping "problem" cats become loveable and adoptable.  So far, 50+ of the cats he and his family have fostered have been successfully adopted.




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