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Founded in 2003, Pick Research Solutions, Inc began as a small boutique market research company focusing on recruiting, interviewing and report writing.  Our initial specialty was oncology, but we expanded our capabilities as Client needs arose.

We specialize in finding solutions to your market research needs.  We are seasoned professionals with experience in qualitative as well as quantitative research. We specialize in healthcare!  Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospital C-suite, hospital staff, Managed Care, Key Opinion Leaders - these are our target respondents.  We KNOW our niche area and know what we can accomplish.


Integrity is a cornerstone. We fully vet our respondents and update them annually to make sure we eliminate respondents who have retired, changed specialty, etc.


Honesty is critical – feasibility, incentive, timeline. We’ll tell you what it will take to get your project done.  You might not want to hear what we’re saying, but we’ll always be honest.


Streamlined– we get your project to field as soon as you have final details.  No need to wait a day or two for programming – we mobilize when you are ready to go. 


Solutions - if there is a problem with project incidence, assumptions or screener, we’ll present solutions to get the project completed.  We will provide data to share with your Client to support any issues that arise.


Our services are tailored to meet your specific project needs.  Your project will always receive the personal attention you deserve from a dedicated project manager - we won't bounce you back and forth between people.  We'll treat your project like it's the most important thing in the world - because it is.

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