Our staff has years of administrative and research experience. They are key to the success of our projects.  We could provide you boring resumes for everyone, but getting to know us a little better helps you know who we are and how we'll put our talents to work for YOU!

Helene Wagoner - Senior Project Manager
With the company since 2006, Helene is our "bulldog". There's no project too difficult for her to tackle. She takes pride in having projects recruited ahead of schedule and finding the best respondents. She charms doctors with her southern drawl and doesn't take "no thank you" for an answer. She is a true researcher by nature and a real asset to the team.  Our most senior staff member (in seniority, certainly not in age - LOL), Helene knows Pick Research Solutions, Inc inside and out.  Her ability to review a screener and swing into action made her a natural choice as a Senior Project Manager.  There isn't much she hasn't seen but if there is, you can be sure she'll be a master at it after the first project.

Mary Schrubbe - Project Assistant

Mary has been with Pick Research Solutions, Inc. since 2010. Her straight-forward and no nonsense approach to project management make her an excellent project assistant.  Attention to detail, "ducks in a row", "dot your i's and cross your t's" are Mary's credos.  Her mid-western sensibilities and serious approach may fool you - but she can "let her hair down" as much as the next person.  (But only once the project is complete and the kids are in bed!)


Sharon Blasko – Project Assistant
Sharon joined Pick Research Solutions, Inc in January 2014 and is the voice of Pick Research, especially if you call the corporate office.  But she isn't content to sit in the "ivory tower" with her feet up - she is lightening fast to answer phones and makes respondents feel like the most important people in the world.  Her pleasant outlook and willing attitude make her a fabulous addition to our team.  "Work smart, not hard" is Sharon's motto, although she works hard, don't let her fool you! 


Jill Wilkinson - Project Assistant
Jill joined Pick Research Solutions, Inc. in April 2014 and is a natural project manager, with years of experience juggling multiple projects, all needing immediate attention.  Her BS in Psychology and years as a Crisis Counselor help her stay calm under pressure, even when recruiting the toughest project.

David N. Pick - Research Assistant and IT Support
David (or Davey, as he is known around the office) is our summer research assistant.  Having grown up around market research, he is easily learning the necessary tasks to help the office be more productive.  Currently a freshman at Penn State University, David is planning a career in chemical engineering and IST.  But who knows....he may stay involved in the family business.  Davey is a Sam Dan (3rd degree black belt) in the World Tang Soo Do Association.

Mary Collyer - Project Assistant
Mary is a project assistant in addition to being the database assistant - uncovering precious details to allow us to better match respondents with opportunities.  A 1983 graduate of Juniata College, Tonya and Mary knew each other "back in the day".  Mary is also a Jazzercize Instructor. 

Karen Brown - Research Assistant
Karen is comfortable speaking with doctors and their staff members, in part due to her 40+ years in the healthcare industry. Her customer service attitude and team-player mentality make her a valuable member of our group.   Karen is our most senior black belt - an E dan with over 30 years experience in Tang Soo Do.


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